Cool down the pace


Cool down the Pace was released in september 2014, containing 14 tracks, all reggae in La Whaai’s own style. It also containes one track in Italian. The last song on it, Reggae Ambassadors is a remake of a song from the Reggae Diplomats album, honoring the great Bunny Rugs, lead singer of the Third World Band.


  1. Don’t ask why
  2. Follow the riddim
  3. Jamaica
  4. Cats and Dogs
  5. Roses, red
  6. Steppin’ Razor
  7. Why do they
  8. Loversrock
  9. Reggae Music
  10. Sreamin’ and Cryin’
  11. Away, far away
  12. Cool down the pace
  13. Musica Insegnami
  14. Reggae Ambassador (Mr. Rugs Version)

The album is for sale at various sellingpoints in the internet. Check out this page if you want to buy it now.


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