Jake 90’s


Quit playing in any top 40 covering band, choosing to make a career in an intirely different line of work wich had nothing to do with making music. But living in a big house with a free bedroom, it was easy to create a “studio”. For these recordings I used three tapedecks and a cassetteplayer. Recorded the first instrument and while playing the recording of that I dubbed over the second instrument and so on. Most of the songs were simple in it’s construction. Could only play keyboard with one hand, and had to stay away from the black keys as much as possible.

So there was a Yahama keyboard with build in rhytmsection, a Korg Keyboard with build in rhytmsection, a rhytmsection that was pulled out of on old organ by my brother. Percussion and bass came out of one of the keyboards. The guitar you hear is a Fender Stratocaster wich still is being played on today. The spanish guitar in one of the songs has been in use by my oldest brother for a lot of years now. All songs origin from 1990. But a few were created in 1995 making use of no instruments but samples and other stuff produced by my first computer, a Commodore Amiga 500.

Marching Strings Part One

Marching Strings Part Two



So What


Sea of Love

Sample 90

Arabic Mambo



Break it down


Church Bells




Jolly and merry

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