JR Band 80’s


Talking about the early eighties, you know what to expect: discotime! We were young and had almost but one subject to write about: girls and love. We made the first steps in that area and where, ahum, quit succesfull. Sometimes it lasted one night, sometimes two week or a whole year! Anyways, lots of heartache and worries to write about in wich we were at our best being as drunk as a doormat.

The JR band was a two man formation. After trying to build a top 40 song playing coverband under the name Asahi, we two went along on our own. Not that we played on stage a lot. But every saturday at my parents house we rebuild a room upstairs as a studio, opened the windows and made the whole neighbourhood rock’n roll and doing disco dances. As soon as I learned Nesta to play guitar he went along with us, we renamed the band “Modest”. In that time we also played a lot with each other in one-night bands, just jamming for a night on stage. Mostly playing reggeatunes. All in all, we wrote some tunes then which were saved for prosperity, you can listen to them here. Enjoy…..

This girl of mine

You know in a way I think they’re right


Forbidden Love



Paperback Love

For I loved you so

I’m gonna see my baby tonight


Just like an outlaw

Desperate Shyness

You and I

Voettocht naar Mien

Painless Divorce

The Talk

The Park

Tell me babe

Just like an Outlaw

Sharing her love


Painless divorce (Long version)

Point of no return

The Y.K.K. Song

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