Nesta 80’s and 90’s


Ever since Jake learned me how to play the quitar, I wanted to play Reggae music. It made a huge impression when I was young. The rythm and later on the lyrics. Jacob Miller, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Toots and the Maytals, roots rock reggae. I already started te write poem`s and finally I could put some music to it. We started in the late 70`s a band for special occasions called “Jammin` Rejoice”.

We had to explain in that time who Nelson Mandela was and of course Steve Biko. So we began to sing about Apartheid, discrimination and all ism and scism. In the early 80`s we formed a band called “Yours Sincerly” and even got to Paradiso Amsterdam When we won a Musical contest about “apartheid” started by Radio Freedom (a great honour). The band lost musicians and gained new ones, and ended in 1990. I made a studio at home and fooled around with tape-decks and keyboards. The outcoming of that, well….listen and hopefully enjoy. And remember, It’s not we against the system, it’s the sytem against we, Remember who you are and where you stand in the struggle. (Bob Marley). From the foot they took away the chain, just to wrap it around our brain.

You drive me crazy

You can get it

Yo Skutsje rap

Wouldn’t you agree


This love for you

The Wuur

Take it easy

Sweet and Dandy

Put them on the Guard

Poem for Steve Biko

Peter Tosh, R.I.P.

Never give up


It Happens

Hear me say

Happy Birthday

Ghetto Living

Drunken Sailor


Aku Rindu Ke Djamman Dulu

A new once

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